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Women +

Being a woman isn’t an easy job. You have a role in all the aspects of life; family, organization, and society. The contribution of women in these aspects is immeasurable. However, the transition from one role to another make life tiresome and hectic giving room for both stress and emotional disturbances.

Every woman goes through this journey throughout their lifetime. Stress, emotional imbalance, productivity issues, people issues, and personal issues treat both the working women and homemakers equally. You can still face these hardships with strength and ease.

Saamartya through its W+ sessions focuses on the wellbeing of women and eases your way through the struggle. It is the smartest choice for women who desire of staying healthy, fit and smart. The sessions offer counselling services which provide clarity on the all your issues; stress, workplace, emotional, and relations issues. The counselling services incorporate healthy discussion and interactions with the experts.

The one-to-one sessions of Saamartya’s W+ will provide you a platform to have genuine conversations with a human relations and behavior expert. The expert mentoring and counselling service will remove the clutter from your everyday experience and boost up your energy. It will transform you into a new person with escalated confidence, enthusiasm, and energy.