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Relationships are key to survival and growth. In any sphere of life whether it is personal or professional good relationships make a big difference. A Happy and successful person is likely to have good and healthy relationship with people around him. The main reason behind good relationships is “Understanding”. Understanding comes from keen observation of behaviours and patterns. NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) enables better understanding of people and their behaviours thus leading to better relationships.

Course Contents

  • What is NLP?
  • How do we realise our World?
  • Understanding internal representation.
  • Rapport building techniques
  • Understanding Eye movements
  • Practises of the above

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  • Excellent and useful program; I will recommend to my subordinates in similar line

    - Subramania Raja Enmac systems
  • Training is very useful for my sales career

    - R. Mani -3TS systems
  • Excellent and learnt something new today. It is a must for all Sales people

    - Sundar Krishnamurthy Live Wire CADD Centre
  • Very good. Will help us to deal with clients/people better. Wonderful Coach

    - Sachin Shivhare ,Krishnapatnam port
  • Interesting, Motivating. Highly Recommended

    - Ms. Vinita Venkatesh Director Krishnapatnam Port
  • Scope of activity was covered very well. Sessions were useful and shall add value to your performance

    - A Raghukumar krishnapatnam port
  • An eye opener; boosts our self-confidence. Worth participating

    - K Chandrasekhar Pacques India
  • A very well drafted program relevant for all types of Sales. A must for B2B Sales and Consultants

    - Leo Anand ,Credit Caf. help every individual become smart and realise his or her full potential.

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