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Workshop on Mastering Emotional Balance

Women play a vital role in the society. Both at home and profession they give undiluted support and render a great balance to building of the institution. The Challenges they face and cope with both at home and at work is enormous. Women being multitaskers by nature are often left with a feeling of being less important and less worthy despite their relentless contribution. This workshop is aimed to gain understanding and boost their self-esteem and build their confidence. The topics covered are as follows:

  1. Understanding Brain
    • Evolution
    • Gender difference
    • Origin of Emotions
  2. Road to Depression
  3. Handling Anxiety and Stress
    • Professional Relationships
    • Family
    • Friends
  4. Best Practices for Emotional Stability

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  • Excellent and useful program; I will recommend to my subordinates in similar line

    - Subramania Raja Enmac systems
  • Training is very useful for my sales career

    - R. Mani -3TS systems
  • Excellent and learnt something new today. It is a must for all Sales people

    - Sundar Krishnamurthy Live Wire CADD Centre
  • Very good. Will help us to deal with clients/people better. Wonderful Coach

    - Sachin Shivhare ,Krishnapatnam port
  • Interesting, Motivating. Highly Recommended

    - Ms. Vinita Venkatesh Director Krishnapatnam Port
  • Scope of activity was covered very well. Sessions were useful and shall add value to your performance

    - A Raghukumar krishnapatnam port
  • “An eye opener; boosts our self-confidence. Worth participating”

    - K Chandrasekhar Pacques India
  • A very well drafted program relevant for all types of Sales. A must for B2B Sales and Consultants

    - Leo Anand ,Credit Café. help every individual become smart and realise his or her full potential.

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