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About Saamartya

“Saamartya” is a Hindi word, which in English translates to Potential or Capability. So, Mr. Sreenivassan Ramaprasad initiated this organization in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, with the sole purpose of carving out the hidden Saamartya of an individual to make them smart and competitive. The organization’s sole emphasis lies in the developing human relations by providing personalized counseling services and leadership coaching.

Saamartya offers a wide variety of solutions deriving insights from the universal subjects such as communication skills, emotional stability, win-win thinking, empathy, and result-driven learning approach. The organization is a firm believer of the fact that every individual has a unique potential and it just requires proper guidance to extract his/her hidden talent. This is the reason, at Saamartya we provide best mentoring and personal training to assist individuals in identifying and polishing their skills and abilities. We are a team of professionals and experts from vivid backgrounds such as management, business, and social services working together to offer our services to women executives, middle and senior managers, and solo-entrepreneurs.

Moreover, we reckon on the fact that both males and females are equally talented and must be given equal opportunities. It is the reason that Saamartya focuses on the well-being of women and coach women to stand tall in this competitive world. Our leadership coaching, help women to show their real self to the world. We conduct workshops and seminars across the state to promote executive coaching and counseling. We plan to expand our reach across the country through online services shortly.

About the Founder

Sreenivassan Ramaprasad acquired his masters’ education from BITS Pilani, also, is a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner. Prior to the inception of Saamartya Sreenivassan Ramaprasad worked in India’s leading companies such as Associated Instruments Manufacturers India Pvt. Ltd., JK Tyres and CADD Centre, which helped him, gain insights into human relations and behavior. Owing to his empathetic nature Sreenivassan Ramaprasad laid the foundation of Saamartya to help people solve their problems easily.

He worked with CADD Centre for 15 years, and due to his exuberant leadership quality, he was promoted as the Executive Director of the company. Furthermore, with his excellent communication skills and mentorship capabilities he built equipment business worth Rs. 45 Crore in the short span of 6 years. His foresightedness supported him in his new venture in 3D print services. He also led Rotary Club Madras as its 50th President once again proving his worth as a capable leader. Ramaprasad is not only skillful but also a generous man who is keen to work for social welfare. He initiated a Dialysis center for the club’s Thiruverkadu Medical Centre.

Currently, Ramaprasad is the Vice Chairman of Indo American Chamber of Commerce, Tamil Nadu chapter, which is set to promote bilateral trade between India and USA.